Why our study programme

Why Study Cybernetics?

Cybernetics nurtures and substantiates artificial intelligence.

Most current control and monitoring systems are operated by smart algorithms, which have found wide use in motor vehicles, assembly lines, consumer electronics, prodict testing, power grid management, and other branches and subdomains of industry.

The studies involve major benefits, such as

  • expertise in a promising, high potential field of technology, with computer-based measurement, evaluation, and control skills,
  • insight into multiple problems and approaches through the interdisciplinary study programs BPC-AMT and MPC-KAM,
  • easy entry to the job market,
  • hiht-end laboratories to teach the practicals,
  • participation in solving real science and research tasks,
  • active, experienced and open-mined instructors.

Do you know ...

nejnovější procesory Intel jsou vyráběny technologií 10 nm?
nejmenší „dům“ na světě má velikost 300x300 µm?
některé 3D čipy v SSD discích mají více jak 140 vrstev?
existují chytré klíče, které řídí váš přístup do budovy?

Study cybernetics