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Automation and Measurement [title Bc.]

The three-year Bachelor’s study program Automation and Measurement (BPC-AMT) has been designed to raise operations specialists in automation, control, instrumentation, applied information science, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

The graduates are fully capable of tackling practical problems within industrial process automation, applied information studies, artificial intelligence, and measurement of electrical and non-electrial quantities. Importantly, the students can take optional courses on biomedical applications, technology visualization, and implementation of information systems and industry-scale computer networks.

In all of these domains, the broad set of jobs available to the graduates comprises also lower corporate management.

Cybernetics, Control and Measurements [title Ing.]

The two-year Master’s program Cybernetics, Control and Measurements (MPA-KAM/2023-24) has been structured to teach comprehensively the theory, design, and practical application of expert systems, covering measurement, control, automation, and the smart domain.

Cybernetics, Control and Measurements [title Ph.D.]

The four-year doctoral program Cybernetics, Control and Measurements (DPA-KAM) encourages students to think independently and critically, emphasizing a creative approach that integrates a systemic outlook on not only technical and non-technical structures but also the world in general.

The graduates are knowledgeable in mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, control theory and applications, measurement and instrumentation, robotics, artificial intelligence, image processing and other segments of technical cybernetics, applied electrical engineering, and computer science. One of the major output skills lies in the ability to employ a broad spectrum of expert information in creating operative engineering, organizational, and economic systems.

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Information on Open Days, applications, entrance exams, etc. can be found on the faculty website. You will also find information on the combined form of study here.

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